Transfer Pricing

What we do in transfer pricing services

We advise Companies having commercials transactions with its international associate enterprises for tax planning, Calculation of Arm’s Length Pricing, documentations, certification under Transfer Pricing Rules in India.

We provide services in following areas:

  • Find a way out for tax planning.
  • Safe Harbour Rules Application.
  • Preparing a transfer pricing study Report
  • Handle matters in appellate stages / DRPs.
  • Providing analysis on comparable available from database.
  • Providing in-house training, drafting agreements, and billing methodologies.
  • Domestic Transfer Pricing Study (For details please see Home Page Resources).
  • Providing legal briefs / advises on tax avoidance while entering international transactions.
  • Certification of Form 3CEB under Income Tax Act (Transfer Price Certification by Chartered Accountants).
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