Financial & Strategic Advisory

Regardless of its volume and the domain in which it operates, every business requires third-party, expert advice on the financial and strategic front. At AAAK, our team of financial and strategic experts amasses years of experience in helping businesses sustain and grow in terms of strategy and finances through the following services.

Strategy Planning and Evaluation

  • Sales Plan Evaluation: We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your sales plan, identify gaps (if any), based on the existing market situation, product or service to be sold, and a range of other factors pertinent to your sale in the short and long run.
  • Distributor Appointment Planning: Distributors form an essential part of every business network. Accordingly, we help you deal with the intricacies associated with distributor appointments by helping you choose the right distributors and create a plan that enables you to appoint them evenly across your target segment
  • Customer Acquisition Planning: We use a blend of media and engagement tools to help you acquire new customers by targeting them and reaching them through the right strategies.
  • Cost Reduction Planning: Cost reduction shouldn’t be an abrupt decision but a well-planned one. Accordingly, we help you reduce costs through proper planning that involves reviewing expenses, identifying appropriate cost-saving opportunities, and implementing cost-savings strategies.
  • Plant Set Up or Relocation Planning: Plant setup or relocation involves a set of administrative, strategic, and logistical functions, all of which require thoughtful planning. We help industrialists set up plants across various locations in India and also enable them to plan every aspect of the relocation
  • Other Financial Planning: We've been in finance and strategy for years, have developed comprehensive expertise, and provide a range of other ancillary financial planning services that include strategic investments, risk management, tax reduction strategy, and many others.

Steps in Strategic Planning

  • Existing Situation Review: A comprehensive understanding of the existing situation paves the way to projections and informed decisions. In this view, our experts help you review the current business situation, enable you to prepare a business plan, and devise your business strategy accordingly.
  • SWOT Analysis: We do a practical SWOT analysis that involves studying your unique strengths, weaknesses, current opportunities around you, and also enables you to realize the threat around you to prepare a business plan and devise implementation strategies according to the analysis.
  • Strategy Design and Modelling: We create multiple strategy designs and models and explain each one to help you choose the most productive and sustainable one.
  • Strategy Implementation: We do not just plan and offer consultation but also help you implement strategies conducive to your business in the most effective manner.
  • Strategy Evaluation: Our experts conduct a periodic review and evaluation of your strategy to examine its effectiveness in the face of the evolving industry and situation.

Business and Feasibility Plans

Understanding New Business Plan: We begin with studying a new business plan, understanding its fundamental nature, purpose, and usefulness.

  • Study of Costing, Market, Competition, Geography, etc.: We study overall product cost, the market situation, market trends, behaviour, analyse the direct and indirect competition, its effect on your business, and also the geographical impact to pave the way for better business planning.
  • Financials Budgeting and Optimization of Equity & Debt: Further, we delve deep into advanced business planning aspects that include financial budgeting and optimization of equity and debt to help you plan your finances well and create a sustainable environment.
  • Financials Projection & Modelling, Breakup Points, Sensitivity Study: Next, we make critical financial projections, and do a sensitivity study for a better understanding of the economic situation, and identify commercial factors to which your business is sensitive.
  • Implementation & Evaluation: Once the plan is ready, we implement it and regularly evaluate it to help you assess its effectiveness in terms of results, make changes if needed, and maintain relevance.
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