Business Support Services

Our Role is Basically to: START, SUPPORT and SUSTAIN

With the abundant availability of capital, globalization, technological advancement and higher knowledge accessibility, starting a business has never been as possible as today. This huge prospect in the business arena is only going crescendo with the liberalization of the international market and the endless forms of facilities put at the disposal of everyone. Along with this, obtaining a loan from government agencies or private entities is no more framed by strict requirements. As the average entrepreneur is being given extensive incentives and opportunities to start up their business, one’s risk appetite is bound to grow bigger. Taking such factors and observations into consideration, we wish to make our customers eligible and prepared to face high levels of competitiveness no matter what commercial field they work in.

Whether you need us at every stage of your evolution or whether you simply require a second opinion, we remain by your side as per your wishes and needs. Our services will indistinctively suit e commerce companies, non-e-commerce companies as well as non-service companies.

We provide following support services to Start-ups:

  • Legal Structuring
  • Mentoring
  • Support for Fund Raising Activity
  • Business Plan Preparation & Validation
  • Company Incorporation
  • Financial Modelling and Valuation service
  • Business Registrations & Licenses
  • Accounting, Tax & Compliance Management
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