Section D : Manufacturing
Division 19 : Tanning and dressing of leather; Manufacture of luggage, Handbags saddlery, Harness and footwear
Group Class Sub - Class Description
191     Tanning and dressing of leather, manufacture of luggage handbags, saddlery & harness
  1911   Tanning and dressing of leather
    19111 Flaying and curing of raw hides and skins
    19112 Tanning and finishing of sole leather
    19113 Tanning and finishing of industrial leather
    19114 Vegetable tanning of light leather
    19115 Crome tanning of leather
    19116 Finishing of upper leather, lining leather and garment leather etc
    19119 Other tanning, curing, finishing, embossing and japanning of leather n.e.c
  1912   Manufacture of luggage, handbags, and the like, saddlery and harness
    19121 Manufacture of travel goods like suitcases, bags and holdalls etc
    19122 Manufacture of purses and other ladies’handbags, artistic leather presented articles and novelties etc.
    19123 Manufacture of saddlery and harness
    19129 Manufacture of other consumer goods of leather and substitutes of leather, n.e.c
192 1920   Manufacture of footwear
    19201 Manufacture of footwear (excluding repair) except of vulcalized or moulded rubber or plastic. This class includes manufacture of leather shoes, leather sandals and chappals, leather-cum-rubber/plastic cloth sandals and chappals made by and or by any process
    19202 Manufacture of footwear made primarily of vulcalized or moulded rubber and plastic. This class includes manufacture of rubber footwear, plastic & PVC, canvas-cum-rubber/plastic footwear etc. including sports footwear
    19209 Manufacture of other footwear n.e.c.
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