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1. Short Title and Commencement - Special Court (Companies Mediation and Conciliation) Rules
2. Definitions - Special Court (Companies Mediation and Conciliation) Rules
3. Panel of mediators or conciliators
4. Qualifications for empanelment
5. Disqualifications for Empanelment
6. Application for Appointment of Mediator or Conciliator and his Appointment
7. Deletion from the Panel
8. Withdrawing Name From Panel
9. Duty of mediator or conciliator to disclose certain facts
10. Withdrawal of Appointment
11. Procedure for disposal of matters
12. Mediator or Conciliator not bound by the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 or the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908
13. Representation of parties
14. Consequences of non-attendance of parties at sessions or meetings on due dates
15. Administrative assistance
16. Offer of settlement by parties
17. Role of Mediator or Conciliator
18. Parties alone responsible for taking decision
19. Time limit for completion of mediation or conciliation
20. Parties to act in good faith
21. Confidentiality, disclosure and inadmissibility of information
22. Privacy
23. Protection of action taken in good faith
24. Communication between mediator or conciliator and the Central Government or the Tribunal or the Appellate Tribunal
25. Settlement agreement
26. Fixing date for recording settlement and passing order
27. Expenses of the mediation and conciliation
28. Ethics to be followed by Mediator or Conciliator
29. Resort to arbitral or judicial proceedings
30. Matters not to be referred to the mediation or conciliation
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